Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Oil and Its Many Household Uses

Of course everyone is aware that oil serves as a sensational fuel for heating your house or business, for keeping your automobile or motorcycle running smoothly, and helping the transportation of goods to ports and customers worldwide, but most people would be very surprised at how big a part oil plays in making the products we all use day to day around our home and office.

Take a look in your kitchen, what might you think was made with oil? Well look no further than your pantry. Canned food has an increased shelf life thanks to food additives. These additives help your canned green beans, potatoes, and yams, taste and look fresher longer. Food additives are only one example of a “petrochemical”, a chemical product made from raw materials of petroleum (oil) origin.

Heaven forbid your power goes out at night there in your kitchen. What to do? Well simply light yourself a candle. That candle is made of wax, a raw petroleum product that was also used to make the container that holds your favorite dairy beverage you might heat up during a thunderstorm to help you relax and go back to sleep, oblivious to the crashing and thundering of the electrical storm that has rendered your house powerless.

Perhaps you’d like to fire up the old portable stereo with batteries and listen to your favorite compact disc or cassette to soothe your worried mind back to sleep. That’s right, those cds, cassette tapes, in fact anything made from plastic, whether in the clothes you wear, the carpet that lines your bedroom floor, even the cozy blankets and comforters you pull under your chin; all those products were made from petrochemicals as well.

After a good night’s sleep, nothing is better than to go back into your kitchen, pour yourself a nice bowlful of milk (from its petroleum based container, of course) over your cereal. That cereal would have never made it to your cupboard without the petroleum based pesticides used to protect the crops until they reached their most mature point, with plenty of sunshine, and fertile ground enriched with petroleum based fertilizers for maximum growth and nutrition.

As you can plainly see, oil has its hand in just so many things that we take for granted everyday. Thanks to fastidious and innovative companies such as Triple Diamond Energy Corp that continually strive to locate and produce the finest oil possible, we can continue to enjoy all the sensational products fueled by the richness that only oil provides.

About the Author: Bob Jent is the president of Triple Diamond Energy Corp. Triple Diamond Energy specializes in acquiring the highest quality prime oil and gas properties. For more information, visit

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