Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The Beauty of Re-refined Motor Oil

As the earth’s precious nonrenewable energy supplies reduce in size each year, it is important to look to new ways of conserving and preserving the known supplies today, so they may last as long as possible. One economically and environmentally conscious action all consumers can take is the purchase of re-refined motor oil for their personal vehicles, and to pressure localities to use re-refined petroleum products in their mass transit systems and commercial fleets.

Re-refined motor oil is motor oil that has been used by consumers, deposited at many filling stations and lube centers, and then recycled for reuse by the public. It has been cleansed of all the containments acquired by miles of use in a process called vacuum distillation. Hydro-treatment removes any additional unwanted chemicals, much like the way refineries remove base oil from naturally occurring crude. New additives are then added to make sure the re-refined oil adheres to all industry performance levels. Oil does not ever lose its intrinsic value as a lubricator and cooling agent; through many laboratory tests, chemists have arrived at the conclusion that re-refined oil performs and lasts just as long as virgin motor oil.

Many consumers worry that re-refined motor oil loses some of its lubricating or cold starting properties as compared to virgin motor oil. Major automakers such as Ford, GM, Daimer-Chrysler, and Mercedes Benz have conducted their own testing and stated that the use of re-refined motor oil is not only a viable option, but have also gone on record stating that the use of the product in no way violates or voids their manufacturer warranties on their engines. In fact, every new Mercedes Benz vehicle is pre-filled with re-refined motor oil straight from the assembly line!

North American transportation companies have used re-refined motor oil in their fleets for many years. The United States Post Office, for example has been using re-refined motor oil in all its 73,000 vehicles for over a decade. The City of Chicago has purchased and used re-refined oil in all its emergency vehicles (fire and police) since 1992. Not only has Snohomish County, Washington, used re-refined oil in its 1242 county vehicles, but the county has also contracted nearly 3000 independent oil analysis, concluding that the use of re-refined oil has in no way compromised vehicle performance versus virgin motor oil.

Using re-refined oil has the important duality of providing less need for foreign oil reserves to run the nation’s millions of vehicles while also eliminating waste material and conserving new supplies for later use. Re-refined oil is, on average the same cost, or less than virgin motor oil. Same cost, eco-friendly, and high performance - all attributes that make re-refined motor oil a smart alternative.

About the Author: Robert Jent is the president of Triple Diamond Energy Corp. Triple Diamond Energy specializes in acquiring the highest quality prime oil and gas properties. For more information, visit http://www.triplediamondenergycorp.blogspot.com.

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