Friday, December 14, 2007

Changing your Motorcycle’s Oil

One of the most basic procedures of routine motorcycle maintenance each owner should be able to perform has to be changing the engine oil. When done properly, and at scheduled intervals, it can help your motorcycle perform at its top ability, providing a reliable source of transportation and enjoyment for many years.

After consulting your motorcycle manual and purchasing the particular grade of oil and oil filter recommended for your bike, find a nice level spot, perhaps in your garage or driveway and have about 15 minutes to perform the deed. You’ll need a few basic tools including the correct socket wrench to remove your drain plug, a filter wrench you probably picked up at your motorcycle shop when getting the oil, and a new drain plug crush washer to replace the one you’ll remove. You’ll also need the proper receptacle, sealable preferably, to catch the oil as it drains, so you can properly dispose of it later.

Now it’s time to get down to business. Put your bike on the side stand, rear stand, or center stand and slide your drain pan under your drain plug bolt, keeping in mind that it will shoot out at first, so be ready to maneuver for a good catch! Now, remove the drain plug, and let the oil drain into the pan. Allow all the oil to drain before attempting to remove the filter. You can now use your filter wrench, or your leather belt if you’ve been thrifty, to grip that filter and carefully turn it counter-clockwise for removal, paying close attention not to dent or damage the filter to prevent any of the dirty oil from creeping back in your engine. After all the oil has drained from the plug and the filter cavity, put your new washer on the drain bolt to ensure a proper seal, and reinstall the drain bolt, taking care not to overtighten it.

Prep your oil filter by filling it about a quarter full with fresh oil, and clean the contact area on filter and bike. Now apply a little dab of oil on your finger and run it over the entire seal of the filter just to help with installation and your next removal. Now just screw the filter into place by hand, no need for the wrench. Check your manual for the capacity of your engine and start adding the proper amount of oil. When you get to about a half quart under that amount, check the oil, remembering that it has to be vertical, not on the side stand to get a proper reading. Add more until it reads between “add” and “full”, put the oil cap back on and you’re finished!

All that’s left to do is to transport your used oil to a filling station or oil change retailer so that a refining company like Triple Diamond Energy Corp can perform the necessary steps for recycling your oil. Now wasn’t that easy, and you saved some hard earned cash too!

About the Author: Robert Jent is the president of Triple Diamond Energy Corp. Triple Diamond Energy specializes in acquiring the highest quality prime oil and gas properties. For more information, visit

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